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The Other LA is a regional touring rock band fronted by ARIA the high flying rock muse/vocalist from Lafayette, LA.  The music is known for soaring heights and melodic mix of heartfelt lyrics written only by a person who sees the world differently from most having been blessed with Asperger’s. 


I have never known a world without music.  Whether it was singing the theme song to “The Little Mermaid” in our small apartment or surprising my parents that I could play the piano in the Greenville SC guitar center after getting lost, music has just been a part of my soul” - ARIA


Having now played with some of their idols and performed in high caliber venues to sold-out crowds and sometimes 10 people (we have an extended family), the band is ready to release their first EP on April 28th produced and co-written by CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool and now lead guitarist for TOLA.


In addition to the EP Release a new movie titled "NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME TOO" will feature the emotional "SURVIVING SOUL - ACOUSTIC" song by TOLA.  The song reflects the struggle of living with Asperger's as told by lead vocalist and writer ARIA. 

The Other LA has come a long ways since forming 18 months ago and playing their first show in a back alley venue in the heart of Cajun Country.  Within three months of that first show, the band was swept up to play with the Revolver’s Hottest Chick in Rock Tour Lafayette stop (SickPuppies, Lacuna Coil, Eyes Set to Kill and Cliver).  With the taste of the big stage and a glimpse of the touring lifestyle the band planned more local shows and set up their first tour in the summer of 2014.  Since that time the band has played from Texas to Tennessee and regularly plays Houston, Lake Charles, Lafayette and New Orleans from featured shows to supporting national acts (SickPuppies, Lacuna Coil, Eyes Set to Kill, Saving Abel, 12 Stones, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, A Skylit Drive, Drowning Pool, House of Blues Bringing Down the House, Hard Rock Cafe Road to Barcelona (New Orleans Region), Myka Relocate, Eve to Adam, Smile Empty Souls, Fit for Rivals, Saturate, NoMara, Stitched Up Heart, Cilver, ARIA, Darling Parade and other touring acts).


While the heart and soul of the band is ARIA and McKenzie Lee (bass player/songwriter) a more surprising feature has been the bands ability to showcase other local talent on a rotating basis for drums, lead guitar and rhythm guitar.  While rotating so many members does cause chaos it is ARIA and McKenzie’s soul that draws upon that chaos to create songs unexpected from such young souls. 

AND SO ….. “We will keep on living the Dream” - ARIA

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