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TOLA's Single - Surviving Soul - March 28, 2016


Coming to a theater near you - "NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME TOO" will feature the emotional "SURVIVING SOUL - ACOUSTIC" song by TOLA.  The song reflects the struggle of living with Asperger's as told by lead vocalist and writer ARIA. 


You loved the original... now, we are making a sequel to Normal People Scare me; a fil about autism.  Taylor Cross is back to interview some fan favorites from the first film and can't wait to share where they're at some 10 years later.  He'll also introduce us to some new aspies and auties.


We are THRILLED to tell you that our film crew will be comprised of austistice people from Joey Travolta's Inclusion Films.  Who knew 10 years ago when we made the first film that we'd be hiring autistics to help an autistic make a film about autistics!  We've come a long way since then. 

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